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Discover Tiktok Dropshipping

Learn the fundamentals to dropshipping with Shopify and TikTok ads. Understand how to build your website, how to find hot products, how to market your store and how to make a profit! All this and more, the best part is... This course is completely free.

What's inside👇🏻

Product Research

Learn the new and up to date strategies for finding a good products, understand what actually makes a winning product and some examples of winning products.

Store Structure

Watch Sebastian build out a Shopify store in front of your eyes, learn how to setup your product page, the different apps to use, see how to create an appealing logo and even do the simple stuff like buying a domain. All that and more!

TikTok Ads

Get comfortable with the TikTok ads platform with a clear walkthrough as well as up to date strategies to test products and then also how to get products to be making you $500-$1,000+ per day!

(BONUS) Mindset

Learn exactly what it takes to succeed with not only dropshipping but with anything you touch. This is needed for you to crush it with dropshipping right now.

Your Teachers👇🏻

Sebastian Ghiorghiu

Sebastian G. has became a multi millionaire at a young age which takes certain beliefs and traits to do. He will be infusing his ideologies for success into your mind in this free program to ensure you have the proper foundation to level up with dropshipping.

Sebastian Esqueda

Sebastian E. has become skilled with dropshipping and has generated 7 figures with TikTok ads in the last 12 months. He will be showing you his exact systems and strategies for finding products to make you money, setting up your Shopify store and running TikTok ads. All that and more to ensure you have the concepts down to be able to achieve your first $500-$1,000 day with dropshipping.

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This Is Time Sensitive

This course is free for a reason. TikTok ads will not always be this easy. Hop in now, learn the skills and dominate dropshipping so that you can level up and change your life. It's free, all that we ask is that you take massive action now and make this the beginning of a new you. Enjoy.

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